iDirect Government Unveils New Defense Remotes and Line Cards with Increased Performance and Functionality

3/7/2016 12:00:00 AM
By: iDirect Government

iDirect Government (iDirectGov), a leading provider of satellite communications to the military and government, today unveils its next generation 9-Series portfolio of remotes and defense line cards that will bring greater spectral efficiencies and enhanced performance to the company’s government customers.

Riding on the 9-Series remotes is the Evolution 3.4 software that brings the products to life. Each of the remotes within the new series features different form factors and capabilities to accommodate customer specific needs. The entire series of remotes is capable of nearly double the in-route Msps of its predecessor the 8-Series and with almost 10 times the packets per second capability.

Featuring extended frequency ranges, which allow users to access the Wideband Global Satellite (WGS) constellation, as well as High Throughput Satellites (HTS), the 9-Series supports the ability to receive multiprotocol encapsulation (MPE) broadcasts. For secure traffic, the 9-Series will support both one-way and two-way TRANSEC and be certified at FIPS140-2 Level 3.

The series consists of the 950mp, 900 and 9350. The 950mp features a reduced footprint of 33%, uses 55% less power and is 28% lighter than its predecessor the e850mp – all of which is critical in the use of man-portable terminals. The 900 and 9350 remotes include dual demodulators, which allow the remotes to support two separate data streams. Combinations of data traffic can include both two-way and one-way traffic, with one way traffic consisting of multiprotocol encapsulation (MPE) broadcasts or one-way TRANSEC. The 9350 also boasts the first LCD screen on an iDirect remote, allowing the user to view remote’s configuration and statistics.

The next-generation defense line cards – the DLC-T and DLC-R– enable secure voice, data and video communication links and enable the 9-series remotes to operate on the new HTS. The DLC-T supports one-way TRANSEC and is DVB S2X ready. The DLC-R has an on-board TRANSEC module and will support as many as 16 channels and as much as a four times increase in composite Msps and a two times increase in per channel TDMA and Adaptive SCPC returns. DLC-Rs are capable of supporting MCD Adaptive Spread.

“The improved functionality of the 9-Series remotes and defense line cards will be a force multiplier for field operators who have long told us that they need a reduced footprint without having to sacrifice performance, agility and functionality,” said John Ratigan, president of iDirect Government. “We innovated around speed and performance, bringing iDirect’s fastest TDMA remotes into the marketplace. We’re excited about what this means for the military missions ahead.