On-Site Services

PSE Case Study

iDirect Government Professional Services Engineers (PSEs), located on site with our customers, play a key role in the success of our iDirectGov satellite networks.

PSEs are embedded at a location in much the same way as a full-time government employee, with their specialized skillset available to the customer on a daily basis. What sets our employees apart from any other contractor is our direct link as a team member to the iDirectGov TAC, engineering, management team, and our continuous professional development program.

PSEs are responsible for:

  • Responding to network outages around the clock with immediate and targeted mitigation efforts
  • Assisting with day-to-day operations and support to keep systems optimized
  • Providing expert-level recommendations for hardware systems improvements
  • Designing and planning networks and enhancement strategies
  • Documenting procedures for adding satellite routers, fan-in or fan-out on WGS constellation, or satellite routers utilizing TRANSEC networks
  • Providing certified training to local government network and systems engineers at a modified cost

The PSE serves as the iDirectGov focal point within the strategic team to ensure that each deployed team achieves total success providing critical communications to the end customer. They participate in meetings, travel as needed to sites in support of the customer and forge trusting partnerships.