Network Management

Taking network management to a new level of simplicity, scalability and intelligence.

iDirect Government combines the most advanced IP-routing capability and application prioritization with unmatched platform flexibility. The resulting solution provides satellite carriers with the ideal solution to deliver all the capabilities of the next-generation IP network, beyond the constraints of the wired world.



    • Easy to use, responsive GUI
    • Automatic alerts and warnings that anticipate potential network outages
    • Network performance stats per network, in-route, remote, application and IP packet level
    • Extensive reporting capabilities
    • Automated tools to rapidly create networks of any size
    • Airborne NMS components
    • Group QoS
    • Doppler compensation
    • Auto-beam selection
    • On-board EIRP maps


      Configure or modify individual remotes, groups of remotes, or the entire network – all from one central location, quickly – all from one central location. iBuilder dramatically simplifies network configuration with intuitive, flexible, automated and semi-automated tools to rapidly create networks of any size.


      Ensure your complete network continually operates at peak efficiency. iMonitor provides in-depth views into both real-time and historical network performance, including the health status of remotes, graphical displays, network probes and detailed bandwidth usage.


    The iSite remote commissioning tool facilitates deployment of new sites quickly by providing universal local access to configure and control devices from the field, including all iDirect remotes and network accelerators. Advanced features include auto-discovery of iDirectGov devices on the same LAN and audio feedback during antenna pointing.