Disclaimer: Courses delivered by iDirect Government are open only to iDirect Government Partners, employees of the United States Federal and Civilian Government, DoD, military and their contractors. Courses delivered by ST Engineering iDirect are open to all students. If you have any questions, please contact us.

iROCC (iDirectGov Remote Operators Commissioning Course)

Duration: 3 days
Prerequisite: None
iROCC Syllabus

The iROCC course is designed for personnel responsible for the operation, maintenance and management of iDirectGov satellite router products.

The course provides students with the basic skills necessary to operate, maintain and manage their iDirect satellite routers.

Course Outline:

  • Satellite Components and Theory
  • iDirect System Overview
  • iSite Basics
  • Remote Operation, Acquisition and Troubleshooting including TRANSEC

Course Baseline versions:
Training material is based on either iDX 2.3.1 or 3.4.3, depending on the course schedule. Customer may choose one if delivered on site.