Series 15100 Satellite Hub

The Series 15100 Satellite Hub is the most flexible satellite hub system available through iDirect Government and enables unparalleled, two-way VSAT satellite solutions. The hub houses as many as 20 line cards, providing a modular approach to network expansion. Operators can start off with just a few satellite routers in one network and easily scale to thousands of them on multiple networks without having to add another hub.


  • Supports DVB-S2 TRANSEC for improved security
  • Supports star and SCPC topologies
  • 5IF supports C-, X-, Ku- and Ka-bands and WGS extended frequencies on as many as five satellites
  • Enables Virtual Network Operator management, reducing capital investments and increasing ROI
  • Supports COTM - ground, air and sea
  • Supports as many as 16 channels on multi-channel enabled line cards