Seven reasons why you need iSupport

It’s always a good idea to have some kind of insurance on major purchases – whether that be your phone or your home – for those “just in case” scenarios.

You would hate to drop your brand-new smart tablet in the toilet the same day you bought it, and you’d really hate for a natural disaster to occur that damaged your house before you could get homeowners insurance finalized.

No matter what the “it” is, it’s always a good idea to pay just a little extra a month to protect the valuable investment you made.

Just like insurance, our iSupport plans protect the investments our customers make in iDirect Government products. But which one is the right fit? Let’s take a look and see.

Customers automatically get enrolled in Enhanced iSupport for 15 months after purchase.

We help customers support their investment by automatically enrolling them in 15 months of our Enhanced Level iSupport. Customers receive a welcome letter informing them of this and helpful contact information for our Technical Assistance Center (TAC).


Warranty extensions, 24/7 support and access to releases are all included in Enhanced iSupport.

Some of the major benefits of iSupport include the hardware warranty extension of hub and hub components for as long as the contract remains active, 24/7 Technical Services Support every day of the year, access to our TAC website and access to major and minor software releases.


Re-enroll in Enhanced iSupport after the first period expires… or upgrade to Premium.

About two months before the initial plan expires, our iSupport sales specialist or the account manager reaches out to see if the customer would like to renew for another 12 months or longer. iSupport renewal costs are based on a percentage of the total hardware value of the bill of materials (BOM) being supported.


Don’t risk going without some kind of plan – the mission is at stake.

Going without any iSupport plan is a huge risk we don’t want our customers to take. Without iSupport, customers can’t leverage all of the support resources such as our TAC (which is comprised of all cleared U.S. citizens) and expired hardware warranty for hub and hub components. Not staying current with the latest software and bug fix releases puts those customers at risk of security vulnerabilities. Plus, there’s no remote onsite support or remote upgrade support with Enhanced iSupport plans.


Premium iSupport has all the bells and whistles.

That said, which plan works best for you? There’s a few major differences between the Enhanced iSupport plan and Premium iSupport. SCAP Information Assurance support, an annual onsite network health check, advance replacements for hub and hub components and 10-day turn-around on remotes return material authorizations (RMAs) are just some of the added benefits of Premium iSupport.


Customers with unique needs benefit the most from Premium iSupport plans.

We understand if our Enhanced iSupport plan fits your needs better than Premium iSupport. Customers who have unique needs such as SCAP or a need for advance replacements benefit the most from our Premium iSupport level offering.


Upgrade anytime!

Customers are more than welcome to upgrade to Premium iSupport at any point during their initial 15-month period or after. If they decide that they need a more robust offering than our Enhanced iSupport plan, they can certainly contact us to upgrade at any time.

For more information about our iSupport offerings, you can download our brochures here.