Five SATCOM Resolutions for 2019

Five SATCOM resolutions for a smooth 2019

Ah, resolutions. We always mean well when we set them, but somehow later in the coming months, we seem to fall off the bandwagon that we so heartily jumped on in January.

It’s one thing to not stay true to your resolutions, but another entirely different game when your SATCOM systems are involved. Like a car, your hardware and software has to be upgraded and maintained when the time is right. You wouldn’t dare drive on the road without insurance, you call the mechanic when you’re in over your head, and you read the operators manual when you purchase a new car to learn all the gizmos.

The same is true for your SATCOM equipment. It’s critical to stay up-to-date on software upgrades, enroll in training when new equipment or software has been released, and that Premium iSupport plan really does pay for itself when the time comes – just like your insurance plan.

We’ve gathered five resolutions that you can incorporate in your SATCOM strategy to keep your 2019 running smooth.

1. Upgrade your software and hardware.

Out with the old, in with the new.

In 2018, we launched our most powerful Major Defense-Based software release to date, Evolution 4.2, which boasts a higher performance, efficiency and stronger security. Evolution 4.2 features automatic over-the-air rekeying of one-way TRANSEC networks to GBS, 29 Msps single carrier speeds (previously 7.5 Msps in Evolution 2.3) and powerful waveform enhancements to the existing MF-TDMA to allow our airborne 9-Series products to truly take flight.

Take your communications to new heights, new depths and get gritty in 2019. We launched our first ruggedized outdoor modem, the 9050 OM, to take anywhere. Its unique design allows the embedded 950mp to withstand the harshest of elements including water, dust, a HALO jump, and extreme temperatures ranging from -40°F to 131°F.

2. Sign up for a course.

Knowledge is power – register for the class you need today, so you’re ready for the mission tomorrow.

We host a full array of courses including two levels of iOM (iDirect Operation and Maintenance), Quality of Service Boot Camp and Remote Operator Commission Course. We even regularly develop and deliver custom courses tailored specifically to your needs. Can't make it to one of our locations? We will bring the training to you through our on-site training service.

We offer several resources you can take advantage of at any time as part of your satellite strategy for the new year. By doing so, you are set to experience communications success whenever and wherever you need SATCOM in 2019.

3. Schedule a network health check.

Reviewing your network will make certain that everything is running smoothly and at maximum efficiency.

Network health checks are part of iDirect Government customer's Premium iSupport plans, which include on-site annual network health checks, remote managed upgrade support and Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) periodic updates.

If you are not a current Premium iSupport customer, this is the perfect time to upgrade your iSupport plan so you can take advantage of these annual checks and other benefits.

4. Take advantage of our TAC.

We provide an array of services and support to optimize your investment.

Our team of Professional Services Engineers (PSEs) provide a myriad of support to customers through network installs, upgrades and health checks, support for rapid issue resolution and provide access to product documentation, technical notes, bulletins and software release notes.


The same team of PSEs also man our Technical Assistance Center (TAC), which is available 24/7, 365 days a year and offers a comprehensive array of professional services designed to improve inefficiencies and optimize your iDirectGov investments.

If you have a question about your iDirectGov products, they are here to help.

5. Manage your network.

Network management doesn’t have to be complicated – it should be simple, scalable and intelligent.

iDirect Government combines the most advanced IP-routing capability and application prioritization with unmatched platform flexibility. The resulting solution provides service providers with the ideal way to deliver all the capabilities of the next-generation IP network – beyond constraints of the wired world. Monitoring communications networks helps to ensure they're working at optimal operation. Web-based software tools integrate, monitor and automate hybrid networks and Network Operations Center (NOC)-based applications.

For integrated, satellite-based emergency response networks, such tools enable first responders, public safety and national security agencies to transform how they manage complex deployments, resulting in stronger network performance, faster response times, as well as more secure and reliable communications.