Mar 15, 2017 New iDirect Government Corporate Website

In case you haven’t noticed while navigating your way around our website, iDirect Government recently revamped our website. Based on customer feedback, we saw a need to create a more user-friendly easy-to-navigate website. In addition to an updated look and feel, easier navigation and a mobile friendly site, we added some new features that we anticipate to be quite beneficial to our visitors.

January blog on 9-Series

Mar 3, 2017 iDirect Government’s 9-Series Delivers Reduced SWaP without Degrading Performance and Functionality

The 9-Series portfolio of hardware may have been designed by the skilled engineers at iDirect Government, but the technology was conceptualized by our users. Whenever and wherever Department of Defense (DoD), federal agencies, disaster recovery and emergency personnel need satellite communications, we are there. That’s the stimulus behind our 9-Series portfolio of satellite routers.