Disclaimer: Courses delivered by iDirect Government are open only to iDirect Government Partners, employees of the United States Federal and Civilian Government, DoD, military and their contractors. Courses delivered by ST Engineering iDirect are open to all students. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Remote Access Training

Duration: 3 days
Prerequisite: Same as respective classroom-based training. See available classes below.
Remote Access Training Brochure

Remote Access Training is delivered on site for a small group, covering our popular classroom based training. Each session of Remote Access Training is limited to three days and a maximum of four attendees.

Remote Access Training courses are taught using a remote network access that allows the students to visually see the hub configuration and monitor the status during the modified "hands-on" portion of the class.

These classes are specifically targeted for customers who are in need of:

  • An on-site class, that has a small group of attendees
  • An alternative training option when shipping the training system to the site is prohibited or cost prohibitive

The Remote Access Training System
iDirect Government's Remote Access Training offers a secure remote access connection to a fully implemented training system that consists of:

  • Two training IFL networks 
  • 8350 and/or 9350 satellite routers
  • Serial console access to all hub line cards and remotes
  • Spectrum analyzer

Facility Requirements

  • Internet access - additional charges may apply if access is not available
  • Standard conference room for five people, including projector, screen and white board 
  • Laptops for students with minimum administrative privilege to access WiFi network

Available Classes

Please contact your iDirectGov sales rep to schedule a class.