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Advanced iOM

Duration: 4 days
Prerequisite: iOM
Advanced iOM Syllabus

The Advanced iOM was developed based on information and professional tips collected from the iDirectGov engineering group, the Technical Assistance Center (TAC), community professionals and suggestions from previous Advanced iOM students.

This course is intended for those advanced users who provide second-level technical support for iDirect satellite products and networks. Advanced iOM also covers case studies, theoretical material and practical hands-on exercises that provide students with a deeper understanding of the iDirectGov system and its functions.

Course Outline:

  • Advanced Data Communication Concepts Including Packets Structure and Inspection
  • Advanced Network Troubleshooting
  • Introduction to QoS
  • System Control
  • Inside Look at the NMS
  • Function of Protocol Processor

Course Versions:
Training material is based on the latest release.